an exhibition of four extraordinary Bristol artists

Runs untill 18 November 2018

at Bocabar, Paintworks Central Trading Estate, Bath Rd, Paintworks, Bristol BS4 3EH

I am just waiting for some pictures from the exhibtion, but in the meantime here are some snaps I took to give you a flavour of the work in this lovley venue.

RSVP (Thanks for the Invite) Acrylic on canvas £2000 and Doing Sweets with the King Acrylic on canvas £2000.  Both by Jimmer Willmott.

About Ginger Julian writes "Carolyn 'Ginger' Grant. Cat burglar and jewel thief. Compromised by Albert Hitchcock of Albion Yard; to carry out the odd occasionally 'dubious' task. Aided by her trusty 'Tweeters' and cohorts the Magpies Kym and Novak.' JQ


Wailing Wall Blues Part One and Two.  Oil on Canvas by Thomas Dowdeswll.

£3500 each or £5400 for the diptych.

Carolyn 'Ginger' Grant.  Canvas print with hand painted embelishment and hand painted frame by Julian.  SOLD

Works by Andrew Burns Colwill, Jimmer Willmott and Thomas Dowdeswell in the restaurant at The Bocabar


Fab 4 is  a cerebral olympics of delicious viewing - 4 popular Bristol artists - 4 different genres Surreal, Pop Surreal, New Brow and Street Art -  an intriguing collection in ‘FAB 4’ the latest exhibition at Bocabar Bristol 10 September - 4 November.  

This new exhibition brings together four of Bristol’s favourite artists - Andrew Burns Colwill, Julian Quaye, Thomas Dowdeswell and Jimmer Willmott in what will be a surreal mix of allegorical and metaphorical delights revealing each artist’s unique commentary on society, politics and our current world order.


An introcuction to the artists............

Veteran street artist Andrew Burns Colwill has been painting on Bristol walls since the early 80’s, and at the height of the punk scene had his work on four shops on Park Street.  Today he is best known in Bristol for his accomplished walls and shop fronts at Upfest.  


The Gift - Andrew Burns Colwill Upfest 2018.  Photo credit Harry @ It's Just.Art

Artic Scream - Andrew Burns Colwill Upfest 2017.  Photo credit Neil Roberts, 212 Productions

His work in this exhibition explores his environmental themes and paintings which are his commentary on societies unwillingness to see what is happening environmentally, socially and politically by ‘putting their shades (Ray-Bans) on’.  The work features his fabulous ostriches (societies burying their heads in the sand) as well as his seagulls.  

Through the Eyes of an Ostrich.  Soak stain on canvas by Andrew Burns Colwill £750

Statue of Austerity, Soak stain on Canvas by Andrew Burns Colwill £750

New Brow artist Julian Quaye is well known for his anthropomorphic characters with a web of stories behind the characters which one day will be woven into a book. For the work in this show he has combined his rich allegorical world with additional tropes from Celtic, Egyptian and other mythologies in hand painted additions to his limited edition canvas prints. In describing his painting ‘Horny Beast’ he says “We’ve got a rhino oligarch whose acquisition by nefarious means of the East Albion Trading Company has raised eyebrows and questions.  Like most shady ‘businessmen’ he has long wanted to jump the counter to legitimacy and influence and now sponsors high profile sporting events.  With a last name like Keras he’s definitely bullet proof.’

Horny Beast - Julian Quaye

Contemporary surrealist painter Thomas Dowdeswell has exhibited widely across the UK, Europe and the USA.  This is an opportunity to see work from Thomas’s American Series (not yet seen in Bristol). Of  his diptych ‘Wailing Wall Blues’ he says: “The paintings discuss power, the threat to our traditional values, the venture into the unknown and if we are brave enough to stand up and speak out against prejudice and inequality. The American Series was developed as a way to digest the uncertainties of the past couple of years, the re-rise of the right, ignorance, racism, bigotry and blame.  Trump's proposed Mexican Wall is one of the greatest motifs someone can give an artist.  We build walls, destroy them, live surrounded by them, are entrapped by them.  They suggest a thousand stories.  In these paintings I have questioned the true meaning of US democracy by de-starring the flag and reversing the stripes.  The figures in the paintings are either brutal and animalistic or shrouded in hoods.  They comment on the cruelty of human beings, the facelessness of banal violence and the subjugation of minorities.” .  


Wailing Wall Blues part one Thomas Dowdeswell

Wailing Wall Blues part two Thomas Dowdeswell

Popular Pop Surrealist Jimmer Willmott will be showing three works.  His ‘Girl with the Smurf Tattoo’ and two new originals.  Jimmer’s work takes traditional 1950‘s imagery and gives it a sugar coated surreal twist with vibrant colours and his own distortions on perceived reality.  One of his works to debut in the show ‘Popping Sweets with the King’ is his take on Elvis and questions the idolatry of a character who has a  dwindling relevance to a millennial audience.  The piece reflects the parody that Elvis became of himself in his latter years.


The Girl with the Smurf Tattoo - Jimmer Willmott

FAB 4 is curated by Gilli Kane (AKA Auntie G) from the Bristol pop up and on line The Kane Gallery.  She says “These are much loved Bristol artists all with fascinating work which contain powerful messages.  Not only are all of them are highly collectable but also  they are intelligent artists with voices which are not always heard.  Their work is thought provoking in different ways and I think they benefit each other in helping the viewer engage, understand and enjoy their work.  Where people engage, it could be a cerebral olympics but also they are accomplished artists so it will make delicious viewing too.”


‘FAB 4’ runs 10 September to 18 November The Bocabar, Paintworks, Bath Road, Arnos Vale Bristol BS4 3EH