Prilic 8-16 December 2017

I am thrilled to have been invited to provie artwork for PRILIC by art broker Karen van Hoey Smith.


PRILIC is an exhibition of dance, painting, sculpture, writing, music, performance, costume, ideas, photography and film. 


Organisers Impermanence Dance Theatre say:

'In a climate where the public and private spheres are ever more difficult to disentangle, and what we understand to be collective or owned by 'the individual' is becoming re-defined, often leading to conflict and distress on the personal, domestic and international level: Those who make art, wether overtly or otherwise, are engaged in imaginatively exploring how the human experience is portrayed in society, thus offering a space to reflect upon how the human and society can interact.'.


I have been lucky enough to curate over fifty originals and prints from fourteen of my favourite Bristol artists.

See below some of the artworks at the exhibition.  


Opening times are 

Mon - Friday 10 am to 7pm each day

Saturday 10 am - 5pm

I caught up with Josh Ben Tovim Co-Director of Impermanence Dance Theatre this week about all the Prilic events, the future of Jacobs Wells Baths and Dance in Bristol.

I have a lovely collection of prints from some of my PRILIC artists. 

More comming very soon.

Browse a small selection of the work at Prilic below

Impermenance has put together a fantastic range of events.