The Kane Gallery
On line Gallery run by Auntie G

Hi,  I'm Auntie G

Welcome to my gallery, it is small and beautifully formed started this year to celbrate some of my favourite emerging artists in Bristol.  I am thrilled to have EXCLUSIVE signed limited edition prints from surrealist oil painter Thomas Dowdeswell - you can't get them anywhere else.  Plus the latest collection of prints from streeet and fine artist Andrew Burns Colwill along with the limited edition prints of the anthropomorphic characters of low brow artist Julian Quaye.

My plans are to feature emerging and established artists with work in Bristol and from a variety of styles from fine art to low brow, to pop surreal to street.  It will be a delicious eclectic mix - reflecting the weath of talent we have in this creative city.  I'm also hoping to run some pop ups next year in partnership 212 Productions next year - as well as supporting artist led group shows.  


I've worked in marketing for most of my working life particularly in the lesiure industry.  I have also been a tranformational coach for many years and have taught executive coaching at post graduate level.

If you are a creative looking for marketing / promotional advice or someone to think things through with (coaching) have a look at how I can help.