Fab 4 Feature - Carolyn Ginger Grant

Julian Quaye


A cat amongst magpies - how Ginger came about


All Julian's paintings have a back story or story snippet.

About 'Ginger' Julian wrote: 

"Carolyn 'Ginger' Grant. Cat burglar and jewel thief. Compromised by Albert Hitchcock of Albion Yard; to carry out the odd occasionally 'dubious' task. Aided by her trusty 'Tweeters' and cohorts the Magpies Kym and Novak." JQ 

It is no co-incidence that Cary Grant is from Bristol and played a notorious jewel theif in 'To Catch a Thief' with co-star Kym Novak.

How this painting came about was Julain put a shout out on social media for pictures of ugly cats to be featured in The Mognificent Seven - a painting he created for Urban in Ibiza 7.  Ginger (a beautiful cat from Florida)'s owner sent in a lovely photograph.  Too gorgeouos to use in the motley group below so Julian used it for his stunning painting of Ginger.  You can see how he created the piece in the link on the booklet below.

The Mognificent Seven by Julian Quaye

The Mognificent Seven.  The originals is now in my private collection (as the feature cats are Flotty and Flynny my own cats) but prints are available of this wild west piece.  Click on the picture above for their amusing back story.



Carolyn 'Ginger' Grant - Print on canvas with hand painted bee and hand painted frame.  £225 available at The Bocabar

Or to find out Julian's creative process for Ginger Click below.

Fab 4

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