Exhibition extended to Mid February 2020

Mr Snuggles and friends by Julian Quaye


Gabriel the Winged Aviator. Mixed media on canvas


Here is a little interview I did with Julian a couple of years ago about his Aviators. You may notice a little cat photo bombing.  It is actually Flotty who is featured in The Mognificent Seven.

Jonas Mackay, the Tattooed Caledoian Whaler.  Mixed media on canvas


Jonas McCay.
Caledonian tattooed whaler, a veteran of the skirmishes in the north of Albion.


The original of Jonas was painted for 'Tit for Tat' - an exhibition celebrating the art of tattooing.  For eagle eyed Bristolians you can spot the SS Great Britain in the background.  At the time of painting there was an octopus at Bristol Aquarium - the very same one featured in the painting.


The Cult of the Illuminated Telling Box.  Mixed media on canvas


About the characters of the Illuminated Telling Box Julian writes:

"The elephants in my story are gin sodden (they drink fermented juniper berry juice because it settles their stomachs when traveling thru the 'Portal') interdimensional time traveling house breakers who are fond of stealing our tech, taking it back to their world and then reverse engineering it. They then sale the technology on to the highest bidder.

So the next time you see some discarded white goods or a smashed up TV in the street, it's not fly tipping or Bobby Spice dropping his newly illegally aquired flat screen from your living room, it's those pesky pissed up Pachyderms out purloining and dropping our gizmos again.

Sexy Selina.  Mixed media on canvas. 


Selina’s got a bit of a wayward past.

Resident chanteuse at Lucky Lou's Lounge and covert catnip smuggler and dealer when touring the outer provinces with her extensive entourage. Soon to be married to the no nonsense peeler Inspector Aloysius Aberline.


Note her choker which has a little bell on it similar to a cat collar, the pose and dress is based on a photo of Jenny Churchill, Winston Churchill's mother.

Northern Lights.  Mixed media on canvas.


'Over the centuries there have been reports of mysterious ‘Ships of the Air’. Many who have reported seeing these strange exotic crafts have been ridiculed and occasionally ostracised by their local communities.

Some have even claimed they have met the pilots of these sky faring craft and accompanied them back to their ice clad land.

Others have even said they have found the remains of downed ships, only for the wreckage and themselves to disappear in the dead of night…' JQ

Say 'Hello' to my little friends.  Mixed media on canvas. 


Bad bunny brother of Mr Snuggles


"’Say Hello to My Little Friends’: There’s something rotten in the village of Cullompton. Robert Warren Lubetkin, crooked bureaucrat. “Objectionable paperwork can always be miss filed…For a small gratuity”


Owl and Pussycat II.  Framed canvas limited edition print (of 7)


You can read more about the strong female felines in Julian's work in my blog from 2016.

Winnie in Clifton.  Framed canvas limited edition print (of 7)


In the story Winnie is a bouncer at Lucky Lou's lounge and a bit of a gentle giant.  Works with Selina.


The original was a private commission.  Julian modled for the body himself see blog for more

Carolyn 'Ginger' Grant.  Framed canvas limited edition print (of 7)


Read more about the making of the beautiful Ms Grant

Click on the image above to read

The Aviator.  Framed canvas limited edition print (of 7)



The Mognificent Seven Framed canvas limited edition print (of 7) 


Read more about the making of the Mognificent Seven.  Just click on the image below.


The making of the Mongificent Seven by Julian Quaye

First Contact. Canvas limited edition print (of 7)


The original of First Contact is 7ft tall and you can see it at The Hatchet pub on Denmark Street.  Where, incedentally Julian also painted all the wall out and quotations throughout the bar.  It has been redecorrated at least twice since he originally did it around 10 years ago and they kept his quotes.


Renaissance Man.  Framed signed limited edition print (of 75)


"Leon Phonsonby Lebart. 

Shrewd radical free thinker, libertarian and wealthy inventor. Whose search for the near mythical compound Vermelho Q and the construction of perpetual motion devices will drive him almost insane. Until a surprise ’ tweet ’ informs him of a mysterious downed ship of the air."


The birds in Julian's work are called tweeters and they are the mode of communication in this alternative universe.

Mr Snuggles is Straight Outta Cullompton.  Framed signed limited edition print (of 50)  £70

Mr Snuggles' wild rants and pamphleteering from the backroom of The Woodcutters Inn in Bristow about - shadow governments, secret agents, mind control experiments, corruption in high office and the black clad Kalystrii - bring him to the attention of those in power…….' JQ

The Sad Demise of Mr Snuggles.   Framed signed limited edition print (of 50).  £70

He dies.....


"The Sad Demise of Mr Snuggles'

So read the headline of the provincial Collumpton Echo.  After concerns were raised about the non appearance of Bill Burrows Lubetkin for one of his new moon speaking and distribution of pamphlet engagements at the Woodcutters Inn, a search party was dispatched.  Many days passed before they came across the entrance to ‘Mr Snuggles’ secret abode.  

Upon entry they found the aforementioned propped up in his bed quite dead with his pipe still in his mouth.  The room was in a state of disarray and the air was thick with a strange heady sickly fug not the usual smell of Mr Lubetkin’s exotic tobacco. "


In a parallel world to ours lives a conspiracy theorist rabbit, a former catnip smuggler turned chanteuse, a reclusive whaling polar bear and then there are the pachyderms…..  Their stories interweave in the whimsical world of Julian Quaye’s art where Beatrix Potter meets Jules Verne, HG Wells and James Elroy.
Exhibition runs 28 November - Mid February 2020

Bocabar Finzels Reach

Fermetion 1, Hawkins Lane, Bristol, BS1 6JQ

Mr Snuggles is straight outta Cullompton II