A murder mystery and we know who did it

Ceasar 'Catterwaulin' Jones.  Work in progress by Julian Quaye

A murder mystery and we know who did it

Pencil on paper drawing for an upcoming painting.

Julian often imagines the voices that the characters will have in the eventual film.  

Read it in Sean Bean's voice in your head. Cowboy cat.
"Ceasar 'Catterwaulin' Jones. That's the name I've come up with so far for this frisky one eyed feline.
One time cohort of the Kane Gang until his betrayal and feuding with the leader of the tortoise moterised cycle gang, the Seriphims of Hades, saw his ninth and final demise in a field of illicit catnip at the hands of Flottsima Kane.

When I'm drawing and creating these characters I always think about whose voice would best lend itself to each character. This particular chap screams out for Sean Bean, ( met him once, lovely chap) you might say 'well he's a cowboy, he should have an American accent', nope, not in my world. In the Northern Territories where this chap resides they have northern English accents and possibly also keep whippets, ferrets and possibly wear clogs, of course I'm joking, there's no way you could get a cat to wear clogs. By way of balance, all the rabbits in my story are west country accented, drink rough fermented apple and carrot juice, smoke exotic dot leaves and take ketamine."

Comming Soon

You can see the Mognificent Seven at Bocabar Finzels reach.  I'm delighted to say the exhibition has been extended till late February.

Flotsima Kane features left in the Mognificent Seven