Sophie Long

For Sophie painting is her first language.  And she gives voice to the creatures we share this planet with in her evocative, vibrant paintings.  I've been working with Sophie for a couple of years now and am delighted to exhibit her work at my two permanent exhibitions at Berkeley House Hotel and The Shakespeare in Totterdown.  I am excited about her first solo show with The Kane Gallery 'Their Voice' at Bocabar Bristol.

Sophie: works mainly in acrylics, exploring the boundaries of expressive art, usually in the way of exuberant animal portraits.  After four years she is a prolific artist full time she is firmly established on the Bristol scene.




Kane Gallery Exhbitions

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THEIR VOICE - solo show at Bocabar, Glastonbury 1 August - 8 September 2019




I caught up with Sophie at Upfest 2018

Originals Available


About how she creates her work (and the work at The Berkeley House Hotel) Sophie says: 


“There is never usually a story. I know that’s very unimaginative but that’s how my brain works. I see things in colour and think.. ah yes that will work well with drips. 


"Then I hunt for the image I can envisage and go for it. Other than that there is no reason why. The eagle was painted at 1am because I couldn’t sleep and recent got my hands on some luminous colours. The bison was a exploration of spray paint. And then the whales happened because I loved the first humpback I did and felt I wanted to recreate it with a baby.”

Large and in charge by Sophie Long

118x152cm (46x61”)

Acrylic and Spray paint in a solid hand carved antique gold frame.


Rhino Tears by Sophie Long

158x102 cm

Acrylic and Spray paint on wood in Antique Gold Frame



Long Live Aries


Acrylic and spray paint on Loxley canvas


On the prowl


Acrylic and spray paint on deep edge canvas

Black Primed Canvas


Jumping Horse


Acrylic and spray paint on deep edge canvas

Gold leaf border


Bald Eagle+J:O
Sophie Long
120 x 120 cm
Acrylic on mounted canvas

The House of Kane exhibition at The Berkley

Sophie Long
Multi layered hand cut stencil and spray paint on deep edge canvas.

The House of Kane exhibition at The Berkley