Von Grey

Von Grey is best known for his bold and eye catching murals that pulsate and vibrate with courageous colours and flowing rhythms. Through his work he seeks to express the underlying energies that live within the living, and the spaces they occupy. The work makes a connection between the ancient carvings and strange artifacts left by our ancestors to the neon glowing brashness of the incredibly strange modern day world. Commissioned as an Artist for portraits and murals and hired by design agencies and film companies as Art Director, Von Greys influence spans the genres but always stays faithfully rooted in the wierd and the very wonderful.



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Von Grey
92 x78 x 4cm deep
Mixed media - acrylic, oils and spray paint. Distressed antique wooden frame.

About Molly Von says:

In this piece I am attempting to capture a snapshot of my friend Molly, as she was at 18. I had been meaning to paint her for a while as she has a certain something in her look that reflects her inner light. Her Mum would tell stories of her as a child effortlessly scooping up swimming fish from the river and having a kind of oneness with nature. I painted this from pictures took on a sci-fi photoshoot she was involved in. The white wig framed the features very well and worked well with pallete I had in mind. The finished piece is framed in an antique and distressed wooden frame that I think juxtaposes well with the youthful energy of the painting.

Molly at

The House of Kane exhibition at The Berkley