Front Room Arts Trail at The Shakespeare
Collection of originals and prints by Bristol artists.  Our featured artists are Stephen Quick and Nick Harvey.  I think every front room has their own curator, we love an ecclectic mix.  What is more of a front room than a pub lounge or dining room?  I hope you enjoy the art that I have ecclectically collected for you.  Scroll down and click on the link to your view of the show.

Stand Up by Stephen Quick

Owl by Nick Harvey

Von Grey

Von Grey

Von Grey

Von Grey

Artists at the Shakespere from current and previous collections

Stephen Quick

Nick Harvey

John Curtis

Von Grey

Andrew Burns Colwill



Giles Barwick

Julian Quaye

Mary Rouncefield

Neil Roberts

Jimmer Willmott

The Shakespeare pub

1 Henry Street, Totterdown, Bristol, UK

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We also have a range of prints from this exhbition.  Click below to see what is avaiable to buy now.