New Andrew Burns Colwill street art project day 1 to 3

Day 1 - 3 Andrew's Great Wall



I'm loving this new project in Whitehaven by Andrew Burns Colwill.  As he is taking daily videos I thought I'd share them with you.  I also really like the way he's telling us what is planned - so you hear it direct from the artist.

Day One

Day two

Day three

Check back at the end of the week when I hope to have the last days of the wall.  In the meantime............

I followed Andrew painting his last three Upfest pieces.  For those who don't know Upfest is the largest street art festival in Europe and held in our very own Bristol.  I am lucky enough to have prints of last year's 'The Gift' and Artic Scream which was much loved in 2017.

The Gift. 

Artic Scream.

Here is one of the quirkier interviews I have done with Andy about this work

And here is a longer interview I did with Andy about Artic Scream as he was working on it at Upfest 2017.

I have done a number of interviews with Andrew over the last couple of years.  You can see and read more about him here.

All prints printed to fit A2 with white border. A2 signed print £130

Artic Scream A2 Signed print £130

More evocative polar bears by Andrew...........

The Scream - A2 signed print £130

Polar Bears by Andrew Burns Colwill.  Signed print £130