More mews news for you - Toby the crow - the real back story

Following journalist Tristan Cork's story in the Bristol Post last week about a little friendly crow conquoring a toy elephant in Bedminster's Asda car park, stories flooded in on social media. 


This included how 'King of Bedminster' had a very shakey start as a little poorly corvid who was adopted by kind landlady Ann Clevely of the Ropewalk pub, nursed back to health and now rewards her by bringing her shiny things.


He is also known as somewhat of a bit of a criminal at his local Asda where he waits for unsuspecting people to leave their pound coins or tokens in trollys and swiftly swoops in to snag the swag.  Though what he does with his ill gotten gains is a bit of a mystery as the riches he brings to Ann are generally bits of shiny paper and bones.  But he did bring her a 5p once.


Regulars at the Ropewalk garden also have to be vigilant with their shiny belongings in the garden as this friendly crow will swoop in to purloin lighters or anything else he can get his cheeky beek on.


Toby was immortalised in paint last year by Julian Quaye who set him in an uptown visit to Bristol landmarks in Clifton and gets a mention at the end of Tristan's article.  Read Toby's real backstory here.......

Toby Theadore Clevely by Julian Quaye

You can also meet Toby

Toby and his portrait can be found at The Ropewalk

Bedminster Bristol 

Landlady Anne Celvely says he generally pops in about 5pm if you want to meet the newly crowned King of Bedminster.

Toby Theadore Clevely by Julian Quaye.  Signed limited edition prints  (of 75) prints available (A2 and A3) and 50 (A4) here at the Kane Gallery and we post too!