Andrew Burns Colwill - Through the eyes of an Ostrich

Black Gold - Him by Andrew Burns Colwill

Black Gold - Him by Andrew Burns Colwill

Black Gold - Her by Andrew Burns Colwill

Black Gold - Her by Andrew Burns Colwill

About his latest collection Andy said: 'It is about what I see things happen around and people not being aware of it or choosing not to do anything about it.  This will cause us massive problems if we don't start looking and understanding what is going on around.  There are too many of us now, we are overpopulated.  People have got to wake up. It is a good time to act if we start opeining our eyes and looking around us at the planet we are living on and it's resources.  It's the way forward as I can see or the inevitable Bang- Bang - which none of us want'.

 About his headline piece for the show 'Through the eyes of the Ostrich' Andy says :'The ostriche's head's are burried in the ground, and even worse than that he has Ray Bans on.'

The metaphore of sunglasses and ostriches continues through the collection.  


Statue of Austerity

In 'Statue of Austerity' and 'Reflection' we can see Andy's social commentary extending over the pond to the powerful image of the businessman taking off his Ray Bands and taking a look at the real horror of the Twin Towers disaster, and this is juxtoposed with his current portrail of The Statue of Liberty as an Ostrich - with the shades on - not waking up to the reality - and choosing not to see what is going on in on the planet.


Spectacles and Testicles

The commentary for 'Spectacles and Testicles reads:  'I’ve noticed that ostriches wearing spectacles tend to learn to read much quicker than ostriches wearing shades 'Testicles'.'  

A blue and yellow umbrella by Andrew Burns Colwill

A blue and yellow umbrella

Issues closer to home can be seen in the broken umbrella in a field of cows.  Andy's poignant caption reflecting Brexit reads ''A storm blew through earlier.... 
I think it’s left us all without shelter.'

Let's Hope

The collection follows on from his 20/50 Vision: Tommorrow's Habitat with hopes and warnings of the future.  The caption for 'Let's Hope' reads : 'Let’s hope the ostrich can swim when it finally takes off the shades. It’s getting warmer.'

Coming soon

See Andy's current exhibition on at The Ropewalk in Bristol till 26 October.

Andy will also be showing us some of his work for The Totterdown Arts Trail at the Shakespeare 18th and 19th of November.

Little Tin Gods and a pair of Shades by Andrew Burns Colwill

Little Tin Gods and a pair of Shades by Andrew Burns Colwill