Stunning new work from Andrew Burns Colwill

Integration by Andrew Burns Colwill

A stunning new exhibition with fascinating insights and message by Andrew Burns Colwill

The stunning new exhibition 'SketcheS' by Andrew Burns Colwill opened on Wednesday at Bocabar Bristol.  The show is a fascinating insight into Andy's unique view of the world and his oou's (Out of Uniform) - he sees around people (in his mind's eye).  Here he shares his perception and his vision for where he hopes we will go as societies and humanity in our evolution.

This is juxtoposed with his comentary on the way we live now in terms of our priorities and values.  This is very apparent in one of the feature pieces 'Cracks in the Glass' with his views on what he considers our 'antiquated monetary system.'  Click on the video below to hear what Andrew has to say in his own words.


Cracks in the Glass 

For this exhibition Andrew is producing 10 signed limited edition prints of the pieces especially for Bocabar.  This is a unique opportunity to get a signed limited edtion print (he usually has open runs).  

To have a look at the prints, read more about the exhibition or listen to Andrew's insights in his work click more.

'Sketches' by Andrew Burns Colwill

24 July - 9 September 2018

The Bocabar

Paintworks Central Trading Estate, Bath Rd, Paintworks, Bristol BS4 3EH


You can also see Andrew painting his latest mural at Upfest  28-30 July at Pantiles.  


Photo Credit: Harry @ It's Just.ART