Prilic - a wonderful exhibition of Bristol talent

Picture of Lou Baker's installation as the rest of the exhibition was being hung.

Well what a busy few days.  I got a call from Karen (von Hoey Smith) last Friday saying some of her artists had dropped out at the last minute and would my artists be interested in exhibiting at Prilic at Bristol Dance Centre in the old Jacobs Wells Swimming Baths.   

PRILIC is an exhibition of dance, painting, sculpture, writing, music, performance, costume, ideas, photography and film. 


Organisers Impermanence Dance Theatre say:

'In a climate where the public and private spheres are ever more difficult to disentangle, and what we understand to be collective or owned by 'the individual' is becoming re-defined, often leading to conflict and distress on the personal, domestic and international level: Those who make art, wether overtly or otherwise, are engaged in imaginatively exploring how the human experience is portrayed in society, thus offering a space to reflect upon how the human and society can interact.'.

The venue is amazing, it is a converted Victorian Swimming Baths used as a dance space.  I was lucky enough to pull together some fantastic work from artists from the Kane Gallery and artists that I've been wanting to work with - having blogged about them before.  


So, in four days I managed to get just under 50 artworks from 13 fabulous Bristol artists together.  Working with Karen was amazing - she is quite a force of nature and it was amazing to see a master at work on curating and hanging the work as it came in across a couple of days.  Friday was the opening party night with wonderful dance performances in a backdrop of amazing art.  Other galleries, artists have also put work in alongside Karen's artists and the show looks stunning.

The amazing Lou Baker also has a fantastic installation (above) which is a must see.


Here is a peak at some of the work from The Kane Gallery artists in the show.

Spots by Sophie Long

Spots by Sophie Long (original)

Picton Street John Curtis (original)

Carolyn Ginger Grant by Julian Quaye (Canvas print)

Fox by Nick Harvey (original)

'BB-8-Sponsored painting' by Stephen Quick (original)

Dweet fi di likes by Zase (original)

Lies of Time by Jimmer Willmott (original)

Tiger Wreath 2 by J.West (original)

Planetary Opporistion by Decay (original)

Snoop by Ron

There are lots of events organised by Impermanence Dance Theatre across the week.