Von Grey's tribute to Cows

Holy Cow by Von Grey

Von Grey talks about Holy Cow



About the story behind Holy Cow Von Grey says-

"This piece is inspired by a sacred cow I met at the Satchidananda Lotus Temple in Coimbatore, India. On that day everybody was celebrating Pongal, The streets were decorated with brightly coloured rice mandalas and the air was alive with the smells of delicious food. As the temple keeper washed a statue of Ganesha with milk I saw the cow standing nearby. She was painted like a god and decorated with trinkets that sparkled in the sun and it made me think of the cows back home and the harsh lives they have, despite giving us their milk everyday. Large supermarket chain's demand for cheap milk have ruined dairy farming in the UK and it's the cows that pay the price. So this is my tribute to cows everywhere, they are amazing, sentient, loving creatures. Thanks for all the cheese and the leather boots."


Von Grey is best known for his bold and eye catching murals that pulsate and vibrate with courageous colours and flowing rhythms. Through his work he seeks to express the underlying energies that live within the living, and the spaces they occupy. The work makes a connection between the ancient carvings and strange artifacts left by our ancestors to the neon glowing brashness of the incredibly strange modern day world. Commissioned as an Artist for portraits and murals and hired by design agencies and film companies as Art Director, Von Greys influence spans the genres but always stays faithfully rooted in the wierd and the very wonderful.

Holy Cow 

51x4x76.5cm Price is £649 (mixed media: spray paint Posca and wool) Shipping can be arranged on request.

Signed limited edition (of 15) giclee prints on archiveal paper  51x4x76.5cm £149 


Von Grey

Holy Cow original at The Kane Gallery Takeover at 212 Productions for the Christmas Fayre