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Choose your baloon by Georgie

Choose your baloon

Georgie is an emerging talent on the street art scene best known for her colourful spray painted multi-layered stencils, freehand portraits and printmaking. A key contributor to the Femme Fierce movement, producing often powerful images with a political subtext.

I caught up with her when she dropped her work into The Berkley last week.

How do you make your art?


I usually start with a strong image or an idea with a message I wish to convey. My stencils and screen prints begin by arranging an image and text in Photoshop. This allows me to adjust the layout composition, pick colours, and separate layers for the stencil or printmaking process. What media do you use? I use hand cut stencils and spray paint, screen printing or a combination of both. The process is very similar which allows me to combine the two.


What is it about this media that you enjoy?

I’m very process driven and detail orientated and I like the clean bold finish that can be achieved using stencils and screen print.


What is your process of creating new work?

New work often emerges from experiences and observations in my life. When I have an idea I jot it down in my sketch pad or start compiling images or text in Photoshop. If it’s a very strong idea I will chew it over in my mind for some time until the elements click together, then I begin laying it out in Photoshop.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspiration from politics, observations on society, advertising and propaganda, how new technology affects our lives, feminism, the art world, other artists, slogans and observing then reacting to the things that people say.


What motivates you to create your art?

I have always created art, it is an in built need to make, create and build. I find the process therapeutic and using colours joyful. Sometimes I use it to distract myself from the chronic pain I suffer as a result of a health condition. Having a voice for my opinions and observations is a way to make sense of the world and relate to others.

Love me Tinder and Choose your Balloon are currently on consigment to The Berkley, Berkley Square Bristol.

Prints available at The Kane Gallery.


Love me Tinder by Georgie

Love me Tinder