Welcome to The Kane Gallery

Frustration by Andrew Burns Colwill

Welcome to The Kane Gallery

It's Sunday night and I've been collating the information for the first collection of prints that will be going into the Shakespeare pub in Totterdown on Wednesday ready for their opening on Friday.


It is a really lovely collection of work from some of my favourite Bristol artists and I'm delighted to be working with Euan (landlord).  He originally contacted Julian (one of the artists in the show) and Jules passed him on to me.  The brief was simple - different work showcasing Bristol talent.  It needed to be prints so it is affordable and he was open to an eclectic approach - so there will be something for everyone.


I got the idea for the website from working with artists who recently put on a fabulous show of original affordable artwork at the Ropewalk in Bedminster called '3 is a Magic Number'.  I had helped them out with some blogging and promotion of their crazy, fabulous, eclectic exhibition.  I thought wouldn't it be great if artists collections of work could be kept together and keep living longer than just the few weeks it was on as an exhibition.  This is something I'm hoping to bring to the Kane Gallery soon.


But in the meantime here is my first beautifully formed little on line gallery.  I'll be writing blogs about the artists and their work so you can really get to know them and gain some pretty cool insights into the way they work and why they create the art that they do.


I'm just waiting for some detail on sizes and prices.  From Friday you will be able to buy the art directly in the pub (and take away!!) - all the prints are framed and at really reasonable prices.  Alternativeily if you want to buy an unframed print then you'll be able to do that here.


I've had such fun in putting this together - I hope you will enjoy this journey - and enjoy some pretty tasty artwork too.


Toodles for now


Auntie G