Bristol's own cheeky chappy Angus - on his year and Upfest

Angus at Bristol Upfest 2017

Bristol's own cheeky chappy Angus - on his year and Upfest

Angus' artwork is heavily influenced by current affairs, icons and the people and streets around him.He is known for using well known characters and objects in his work along with tongue in cheek text / suggestions.  Always looking for inspiration and to raise a smile.


When asked about the last couple of years Angus said: ‘Personal highlights for me would have to include my first ever UpFest where I did a piece for Greenpeace it was my first year of doing any kind of art let alone street art and I found myself in at the deep end, straight away if it could go wrong it did.  I think that will always be one of the most memorable moments.’  He continued ‘I think my first ever exhibition piece holds a special place in my heart for me as well , it’s “WITH A GUN YOU CAN ROB A BANK. BUT WITH A BANK YOU CAN ROB EVERYONE” at The Paper Boat Gallery in Liverpool in 2014.  I did it as a one off but it went crazy online and with more interaction than I knew what to do with.  I even ended up doing a personal commission for Daddy G from Massive Attack through It’s All 2 Much Gallery in Bristol earlier this year.’


His piece ‘One for the boys’ to raise awareness for male testicular cancer – getting retweeted by Samuel L.Jackson.

His ‘Just Above Average’ got picked up by the Lad Bible and certainly made some noise on social media.

About his latest piece for Upfest he said 'It was something completely different for me in every way and I was well out of my comfort zone and pushing my limits. I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s more nostalgic and technical than tongue and cheek.’

About what he likes about Upfest Angus says ‘Without doubt its meeting old friends and making new ones for me. It’s such a great atmosphere and a great place to talk to other people who share the same interests as you plus putting names to faces of fans or interested parties. Oh yeah and the art of course.’

Unframed prints avaiable form the Kane Gallery for £30 each - just click on the links below and framed prints can be seen (and bought) at the Shakespere Pub, Totterdown, Bristol 

Just Above Average by Angus
Walkies - Angus

Photo credit - Neil Roberts 212 Productions