Andrew Burns Colwill's 2017 Collection

Andrew Burns Colwill - a gorgeous collection of work from last year.

I was lucky enough to help the very talented Andrew Burns Colwill on with promoting two of his shows last year.  The first at one of my favourite galleries in Bristol - It's All 2 Much, and secondly at my favourite art pub in Bristol - The Ropewalk.

Here I've put together his increadible output over last year into one on line book.  For each exhibition Andrew produced a hand written explanation, insight, thought about each piece.  If you missed the exhibitions this is a great way of sitting down with Andy's lovely work and taking yourself on your own personal tour of the exhibitons.

Plus, at the end of the book you can see his powerful contributions to Upfest and Cheltenham Paint Festival.  Fine art on walls with a strong environmental message.



Andrew Burns Colwill catalogue of prints 2017