Sexy Selina by Julian Quaye

Signed limited edition giclee print of 75
Paper size 45 x 60 cm
Printed area 35.5 x 49.5 cm
Printed on museum grade paper
What artist Julian writes about this piece:
"Selina’s got a bit of a wayward past. Illegal transportation of catnip over county lines amongst others. Could be shady, because ‘Lucky Lou’ has something on her which she doesn’t want her ‘Beau’ Inspector Aberline to find out about.' Resident chanteuse at Lucky Lou's Lounge and covert catnip smuggler and dealer when touring the outer provinces with her extensive entourage. Soon to be married to the no nonsense peeler Inspector Aloysius Aberline.

Note her choker which has a little bell on it similar to a cat collar, the pose and dress is based on a photo of Jenny Churchill, Winston Churchill's mother."' JQ

Sexy Selina
Mixed media on canvas
w 50 x h 70 cm
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