Front Room Art Trail - Shakespeare Totterdown 

This year I'm showcasing to fabulous Bristol artists Stephen Quick and Nick Harvey at this year's Front Room Art Trail at The Shakespeare in Totterdown.  

See their excellent work at 

The Shakespeare pub 1 Henry Street, Totterdown, Bristol, UK

23, 24 and 25 November 2018.

Nick Harvey, a Bristol-based street artist, explores the shared environment of humans and nocturnal animals living in the city. His work evokes a primal experience in an urban world, wild, city-dwelling creatures clash with an unpredictable human element. He draws on the unexpected parallel fate of urban animals and street artists: bound to be shy, secretive yet daring. 
Growing up in London, Nick pursued his interest in street art whilst honing his technical skills studying Fine Art at university. Drawn to Bristol by its creative atmosphere, Nick’s work fast became a recognisable feature of areas such as Stokes Croft, St. Werburgh’s and the Bearpit. Attempting to disrupt the grey uniform of our unanimated world, Nick offers something out of the ordinary, drawing our attention away from our everyday, mundane surroundings.

Stephen Quick artist, live painter and YouTuber, his art represents contemporary culture by embracing and satirising our materialistic nature. His work is a mix of fine art and street art, mashing up media, as well as icons from different worlds. 

Using spray paint, acrylic, ink and stencils, he creates mixed-media pieces, on walls and canvases, for the outside world, galleries and Internet. 

“My paintings in their very essence are post modern, they are not at all about themselves, but about the world outside the "Art world". We live in a world where everything including our dreams are dictated by the media and celebrities. With my pop art I embrace the materialistic nature of our heroes and icons, who we idolize and sometimes even define us."