Lemak is an ever evolving self taught stencil Bristol artist. He has developing a signature style of his own, merging the skills of his previous trade as a joiner with his artistic talents. He is a regular contributor to Bristol's Upfest (the larges street art festival in Europe). Last year his work was voted in the top 20 (out of 300 exhibits) by The Bristol Guide. He exhibits regularly in London and Bristol. Much of Lemak’s art explores and captures the natural beauty caught in the eyes and expressions of the female form, while as a big sci-fi fan he uses modern technology and lighting distinctively combined to give his work a whole new perspective for the viewer.


Upcoming Exhibitions


Originals Available

Purple Haze by Lemak

Purple Haze by Lemak and Bunts

The House of Kane exhibition at The Berkley

Cosmic Freckles
Lemak and Cheba
200 x 80 cm
Hand cut wood cut out with spary paint and stencils

The House of Kane exhibition at The Berkley