DIFF has always drawn and doodled ‘since being a little kid’. Though encouraged at school to go into art, coming from a family with a strong trade background DIFF was advised to ‘find a trade’ by his dad.  So he started in mechanics then moved into building and roofing.

It wasn’t till about six years ago that DIFF started sharing his work.  Having always loved the work of Banksy and Nick Walker (and having bought some of JPS’s pieces) he began hanging out with other Bristol street artists.  One day he bought some spray paint and it went from there.

As a roofer DIFF gets an alternate perspective on the world.  He always carries a notepad with him and jots down ideas for pieces.  ‘It is the challenging ones that appeal to me’.  He says it is his practical background which give him his problem solving skills to make it happen.

DIFF’s work can be seen all over Bristol.

One thing by day

Another by night