A Little Bird Told Me by Julian Quaye

Signed limited edition giclee print of 75
Paper size 45.5 x 59.5 cm
Printed area 35.5 x 49.5 cm
Printed on museum grade paper

What Julian says about Lucky Lou -
Lou Lazarides, proprietor of Lucky Lou's Lounge and a member of the black clad Kalistre.
The kind of world I'm trying to create with all these characters has a hint of Beatrix Potter's whimsy, Kenneth Graham's Wind in the Willows anarchy, James Ellroys cynicism and bile, a dash of Dashell Hammett and a sprinkling of Mr Verne and Mr Wells. Plus, add to the mix as a binding agent a bag of high grade Crystal Meth. Leave to simmer for 24 hours, serve chilled and over ice.
'World weary Louis with his two little eavesdroppers who gets the dope on everyone who frequents his establishment ‘Lucky Lou’s Lounge’. Where friendships are made and lost and deals are struck and blackmail is rife. ' JQ

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