2018 Prints - Andrew Burns Colwill

The collection of prints from Andrew's 2018 shows:
20/50 Vision and Through the eyes of an Ostrich

20/50 Vision: Tomorrow's Habitat exhibition. Andrew's take on what the world could be like in 2050 economically, socially and environmentally.

In his new collection ‘Through the eyes of an Ostrich’ Andrew explores current society’s attitudes to climate change, political posturing and our collective responsibility for the planet for future generations. I caught up with Andy at the weekend and asked him about the drivers for his new collection.

‘This period of time seems to be more important because of our enhancement of some powerful weaponry where we have the capability of being able to mess each other right up if we want to. People are saying ‘It will be alright someone else will sort it out’ and again it’s the Brexit thing that is bugging me too. People just didn’t believe that it would happen and it did. It might be for the good, no one really knows, I’m not a financier, but for me to be creating borders right now is suicide and that is what this show is all about. People closing their eyes to what is going on around them.’

I've written quite a few blogs and interviewed Andrew a few times. Click on his name in the left hand column to read more about this artist and his work.